Many times people come up to members of the Fire Department and ask questions about what we do and how we do it. Here are just a few.

1. Is the Moraine Fire Division a full-time, part-time, or volunteer fire department?

    The Moraine Fire Division consists of full- and part-time members only. Both full- and part-time members work together on crews which are on duty 24 hours a day seven days a week.

2. How do I contact someone in the Fire Division about CPR or First Aid training?

    CPR and First Aid training is currently provided free to residents, employees of businesses in Moraine, and members of non-profit organizations. For scheduling information, please contact the Fire Division Secretary at 937-535-1132.

3. What is an EMS fee?

    A fee is charged for patients transported to a hospital facility by the Fire Division Emergency Medical Vehicle.

4. Why does the Moraine Fire Division bill for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) calls?

    Due to the rising cost of providing emergency medical services to patients, the City uses EMS billing to recover costs incurred by billing the patient’s insurance company.

5. How large of a department is the Moraine Fire Division?

    The Moraine Fire Division consists of approximately 33 members which are divided among two stations and respond to approximately 2,900 calls per year. The Division operates two engines, one ladder truck, and three paramedic/ambulance units. For more information, please check out the About Us tab.

6. How is the fee billed?

    The patient’s insurance company or Medicare (if applicable) will be directly billed. No resident will receive a bill.

7. Will I receive a bill?

    No. The insurance company or Medicare are directly billed. However, you may recieve a statement or an RFI (request for information) letter in the mail. There is a website listed on these sheets you can log in on to fill out the information that is needed. (

8. Will I receive a bill for my insurance co-pay?

    No. The City’s policy is that no resident will be billed for EMS services.

9. Will I receive a bill if I don’t have insurance?

    No. The City’s policy is that no resident will be billed for EMS services.

10. Will this fee raise the cost of my insurance?

    No. The Ohio Revised Code requires insurance companies to have provisions in their policy coverage for ambulance transports. Medicare and Medicaid also have required provisions for ambulance transportation fees. Residents have been paying for ambulance transportation services in their insurance premiums even if the fee was not previously collected.

11. If I do not have insurance, will my level of care be affected?

    No. This will not affect the level of care or priority of treatment in any way. You will be treated and transported regardless of whether or not you have insurance.

12. Where is the City of Moraine located in relation to the City of Dayton?

    The City of Moraine is bordered on the North by the City of Dayton.

13. Where is the closest Fire Station to my house?

    We have three fire stations in the City of Moraine. Please click here to see where they are located.

14. What is the Safe Haven Program?

    The Safe Haven Program is a reference to Ohio House Bill 660. This program provides a parent who voluntarily delivers a child under 72 hours old to an emergency medical service worker, peace officer, or hospital employee and can do so without committing a criminal offense, as long as the child has not suffered any physical or metal wound, injury, disability, or condition of a nature that reasonably indicates abuse or neglect of the child. A parent who has deserted a child in such a fashion and seeks to be reunited with the child must submit to a DNA test at their expense.

15. Does the Moraine Fire Division participate in the Safe Haven program?

    Yes. If you are a parent of a child under 72 hours old and you can not take care of that child, you can bring the child to any fire station or to the police station in Moraine and give them to a member of either department without fear of prosecution. If possible, provide the infant’s date and time of birth, any medical family history, information regarding prenatal care prior to birth, and any information concerning the birth that might be relevant. No one will ask the person dropping off the infant who they are or attempt to stop the person from leaving the child.

16. Where can I go in the City if I need my Blood Pressure taken?

    Every Wednesday from 11:30a to 12:30p the Moraine Fire Division checks blood pressures for senior citizens or any one who would like to have their blood pressure check at the Moraine Civic Center located at 3050 Krietzer Rd.
    Another option for a blood pressure check is to stop by any one of the City’s fire stations during normal business hours (8a to 5p).